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SEG2102 Database Management SystemsAssignment (Semester March/2021)Reflective Writing on NoSQL DatabasesThis assignment is used to evaluate your knowledge and reflective thinking about NoSQL databases through readingactivity. The reading materials are attached together with this document in the same folder. You are encouraged tofind/include other related resources elsewhere to gain more understanding of NoSQL databases for your reflective writing.The assessment criteria as follow:• Explain the essential elements of different models for NoSQL and their strengths/weaknesses based on yourunderstanding.(20% weightage)• Explain how NoSQL databases are different compared to SQL databases.(20% weightage)• Explain the importance of understanding NoSQL databases and how it can help your learning in database managementand knowledge application.(30% weightage)• For your learning through the reading activities, which aspects of NoSQL databases are interesting and useful for you?Elaborate with your reflective thinking based on your experience in learning NoSQL databases through the readingactivities.(30% weightage)Components and levels of assessment criteria are detailed as follow. UnsatisfactorySatisfactoryGoodExcellentCoverage:None orinadequate/weak explanation andreflective writing indicate noneor little evidence of reading andunderstanding.Relevancy:Explanation and reflective writingare irrelevant or mostly irrelevant tothe concepts/subjects of reading.Correctness:Too much errors are presentwith insufficient number of sourcescited, wrong/ missing sources, aswell as referencing style.Coverage:Adequate explanation andreflective writing indicateunderstanding and readingfrom a variety of sourcesRelevancy:explanation and reflectivewriting are soundly relevant tothe concepts/subjects ofreading.Correctness:Quite a number of errors arepresent with insufficientnumber of sources cited, aswell as errors in the requiredreferencing style.Coverage:Good explanation andreflective writing indicateunderstanding and readingfrom a variety of sourcesRelevancy:Literature is justly and wellsuitably relevant to theconcepts/ subjects of reading.Correctness:A few errors are present withmost sources properly cited, aswell as the odd error in therequired referencing style.Coverage:Exceptionally well writtenindicates thorough and extensiveunderstanding and reading froma wide variety of sourcesRelevancy:Literature is thoroughlydiscussed/compared withjustification of its relevancy tothe concepts/subjects ofreading.Correctness:Overall, it is error-free with allsources properly cited and itconforms to the requiredreferencing style. NOTE:• Coverage of evidence (reading materials/references) in explaining the concepts/subjects of reading.• Relevancy of explanation and reflective reading to the concepts/subjects of reading.• Correctness of sources/references citation and styles.Report format requirements:• For the explanation of concepts/understanding, you need to include the sources/references (that gave you the conceptsunderstanding) with proper citation.• To standardize, use Harvard referencing style (if you do not know this style, find it out).• Your reflective writing report should only contain 1500-3000 words and within 6 pages. You can choose any fontsize/style and text positioning format.


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