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1CommentsAC 3.2 CommentsAC 3.3Comments_ L04AC 4.1 Comments111110rvi■eo t ordctii CniWww, OtAirven Mov■thirrn.7,1 7is ,m! elWLCEIMS shared gods.Analyse team dynamics. ugges1 alternative ways complete tasks and achieve team 90015.Be able to develop strategies for problem solvin9 Evaluate tools and methods for developing solutions to problems.AC 412 — — bevelop an appropriate strategy for resolving a particular problemCommentsAC 4,3 Evaluate the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy. Comment 5 IAC MI tAiply different motivational strategies in order to help improve. quality of performance.CommentsAC M2CommentsAC M3Comments — –AC DlCommentsLAC D2 CommentsJustify a selection of time-management strategies in order to meet your objectives within the environmentReferenced material has been provided from a wide range of different academic sources.Self-criticize your current employability skills and evaluate how effective these 1 are when compared to the skills needed for your chosen career job.Discuss how you would mana9e and organise solutions to work based problemsAC b3 Jbemonstrate lateral and creative thinkin9 _341′


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