BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources

–Assessment Task 1 Last Updated:April 2018, Version No. 1.2Page 1of 6BSBPMG515–Assessment Task 1 (Research and Questioning)Submission detailsThe Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your trainer. Any variations to this arrangement must beapproved in writing by your trainer.Students will use their online study time to prepare for answers to the following questions and submit softcopies of the answers. You must submit soft copy of your answers in a word document.Upload the softcopy on the link provided in the eLearning site.See instructions below for details. Instructions:Tobepreparedonanindividualbasis.Assessmentwillonlybe acceptediftheyhaveanassignmentcoversheetonthemsignedbythestudent.Students must provide detailed answer for every question along with relevant examples.There is no word limit, but answer for every question should be reasonable in size, preferably ½ a page. For the MCQ write the correct option/s only.The Trainer/Assessor will also ask these questions and the studentsmust adequately explain them according to their submitted answers. The Trainer/Assessor may further prompt and question in order to receive answers of appropriate quality and to verify the authenticityASSESSMENT QUESTIONSYou are required to do researchand type answers for following questions in a word document:Answer the following questions:1.Explain how resources types affect the progress of the project and how best to manage them.2.How do you determine the appropriate number of resources for a project?Asessment Task 1 Last Updated:April 2018, Version No. 1.2Page 2of 63.Explain how a project manager undertakes the assignment, delegation and authorisation functions in a program.4.What are the steps involved in training, development and knowledge transfer of human resources within a project and why is it important?5.What are some of the performance criteria expected of a member of your project team?6.From HR perspective, the project manager’s responsibility in the planning role includes:a)Hiring the teamb)Developing work schedulesc)Forecastingd)Feedback sessionse)Both b and c7.Expert power is the power that comes from the amount of knowledge a person has obtained in a specific area. This type of power is:a)Critical to a project manager because the PM has to have as much or more knowledge than any of the team members to make sure the project is completed successfullyb)Used by the PM to influence upper management and the critical stakeholdersc)Important if the project manager wants to maintain the respect of the project team d)Used sparingly if at all by the PM because the PM cannot stay current on all areas of expertise and also manage the project8.To successfully motivate a team in today’s high tech -high demand environment, which motivational theories should the PM use to maintain a happy, productive team?a)Expectancy and Theory Xb)Theory Y and Maslow’s Hierarchyc)Theory Y, Expectancy and Herzberg’s Hygiene Factorsd)Herzberg’s Hygiene Factors and Expectancy BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources–Assessment Task 1 Last Updated:April 2018, Version No. 1.2Page 3of 69.To successfully manage a project, the PM must play both a manager and leadership role. In the manager role the PM will do all but which of the following:a)Develop proceduresb)Align peoplec)Produce results for stakeholderd)Focus on the organization and its structuree)Both b and d10.To be successful in a functional organization, the PM must rely on:a)Referent powerb)Formal authorityc)Informal power structured)Broad span of controle)Both a and c11.Which form of power is the LEAST effective from the project manager’s viewpoint in terms of influencing functional managers?a)Formal powerb)Expert powerc)Penalty powerd)Referent power12.The Project manager should be able to fulfill the role of:a)an integratorb)a functional managerc)a line managerd)a sponsor13.The most successful project manager usually: BSBPMG515 Manage Project Human Resources–Assessment Task 1 Last Updated:April 2018, Version No. 1.2Page 4of 6a)works their way up from assistants in the project office to full-fledged project managers, supplementing that experience with formal education.b)Comes right from Harvard’s MBA program into managing very large projects.c)Is considered the technical expert of their field.d)Has considerable experience as a functional manager before moving into the project management arena.14.Whichof the following is an important action that must be taken by top management when implementing project management in an organization?a)Completely selling the project management concept to the entire organization.b)Choice of the type of project manager.c)Choice of the type of project organization to be utilized.d)All of the above.15.The project manager has the most authority in the __________________ type of organization.a)Project expediterb)Matrixc)Projectised organisationd)Functional16.Which of the following Enterprise Environmental factors is NOT a relevant input for Human Resource Planning process: a)Hiring Freezeb)Supervisor-subordinate relationshipsc)Technical competencies of project staffd)Individual goals and agendas of project stakeholderse)Reduced Training Fundsf)Organisational Chart Templates 17.Which of the following is the most important element of Project Management Plan that is useful in HR Planning process: a)Risk Management activities b)Quality Assurance activities–Assessment Task 1 Last Updated:April 2018, Version No. 1.2Page 5of 6c)Activity Resource requirements d)Budget Control activities18.All of the following can be used to document team member roles and responsibilities EXCEPT:a)Hierarchical-type Organisational Chartb)Matrix-based Responsibility Chartc)Text-oriented Formatd)Functional Chart19.Resource Breakdown Structure is anexample of:a)Hierarchical-type Organisational Chartb)Responsibility Assignment Matrixc)Text-oriented Formatd)Functional Chart20.Which of the following types of Organizational Charts can be BEST used to track project costs :a)Hierarchical-type Organisational Chartb)Organisational Breakdown Structurec)Resource Breakdown Structured)Responsibility Assignment Matrix21.You are managing a project and find that you need to apply resource leveling. Which of the following tools can help you identify resources that are over allocated?a)Resource Histogram b)Resource Assignment Matrix c)Network diagram d)Resource Breakdown Structure  Task 1 Last Updated:April 2018, Version No. 1.2Page 6of 622.Ken is managing a project where the morale of the team is very low. The team members have been on the project for more than a year and though the project is due to end in a few weeks’ time, they do not know what is in store for them. What should Ken have planned better to avoid such a situation?a)360-degree feedback b)Ground rules c)Job rotation within the projectd)Staff release plan23.Which of these is not an Enterprise environmental factor that can influence the Plan Human Resource Management process?a)Marketplace conditions b)Organisational culture c)Lessons learned on organisational structures d)Personnel administration policies24.You are the project manager ofa project whose team has interacted with a number of stakeholders. You feel that in order to have a very objective project performance appraisal, you would like to obtain feedback for the project team members from all the people they have worked with, including superiors, peers and subordinates. Project performance appraisals are carried out during which of the following processes?a)Manage Project Team b)Close Project or Phase c)Acquire Project Team d)Develop Project Team25.Which of the following is not a tool and technique of the Plan Human Resource Management process?a)Rewards and recognition b)Networking c)Organisational theory d)Organisation charts
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