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7i) BSEIWHS501 Ensure a safe workplaceAssessment Task 1 InstructionsProvide answers to all of the questions below:Student Assessment Tia Identify and document the title and date of the WHS/OHS Act and Regulation for the state in which you are located.Identify the purpose of a WHS code of practice and give an example.Outline the factors that must be taken into account in determining control measures for hazardous manual tasks as stated in the model Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011.Define the term duty holder under WHS/OHS legislation and the primary duty of care of a PCBU under WHS legislation.Outline two examples of a WHS policy that a business may implement. 6. Explain the process of risk assessment and control in workplace health and safety. 7. Explain three ways in which hazards can be identified in the workplace.Describe the purpose of the hierarchy of control and each of the options available from most effective to least effective. Provide an example for each in terms of how it may be applied in a workplace.Give two reasons why it is important to report WHS incidents within the workplace to relevant persons and identify at least two position holders to whom incidents may be reported.Scanned with CamScanner


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