BUSN3003 Entrepreneurship|SmartField Smart City

Write a business plan for a Smart City business. The business is called SmartField. The product is sport field lighting via a mobile application. A 15 slide powerpoint presentation has already been prepared. You MUST use my example company – SmartField. You MUST use my work in progress file as the starting point. The business plan requires the following headings: 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction (what is the purpose of your report?) 3. Description of the Entrepreneurial Venture (in most cases this is based on the early sections of your PP presentation). 4. Management (style and structure) 5. Marketing (to be covered only very briefly. This is not a marketing unit). 6. Competitor analysis (most importantly, address how your venture will be positioned in relation to direct and indirect competitors). 7. Financial Analysis 8. Key risks and challenges
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