CAP203 Care of the Person with an Acute Illness

Context Acute surgical admissions are a common practice for most hospitals and therefore, nurses. The ability of a Registered Nurse to understand the pathophysiology and manifestations of more common illnesses allows for greater advocacy for patients; and enables the nurse to better evaluate the interventions in place. Completion of this assessment will test your knowledge relating to the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, investigations and treatments of a common acute surgical admission. The assessment will further determine your ability to interpret and apply this knowledge to the holistic nursing care of a patient with this illness. Instructions To complete this assessment, you will need to read and understand the case study presented below and provide detailed responses to each of the points listed. Your detailed responses should be presented in the format of a report, summarising the scenario and its implications. For each point, you should have a separate heading. The points to address in your report, are as follows: 1.Summarise the situation and patient identified in the case study.2.Identify and describe the illness and relevant pathophysiology of the illness indicated.3.Identify the common clinical manifestations (signs and symptoms) for the illness youdescribed.4.Consider and discuss the legal and ethical implications of consent giving whilst under theinfluence of intravenous narcotics.oYou must decide whether the patient is fit to consent, and if not, who may be able toconsent for her. You should discuss potential confidentiality and privacy issues inrelation to her location for admission.5.Identify the potential issues that could be faced when undergoing surgery in this case study,related to pain, digestion and oxygenation and formulate an intervention plan that explainshow to manage each one
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