HCM 345 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

Prompt:Submit a draft of Sections I and II of the final project. Specifically, the following critical elementsmust be addressed:I.Reimbursement and the Revenue Cyclea.Describe what reimbursementmeans to a healthcare organization. What wouldhappen if services were provided to patients but no payments were received for those services? b.Illustrate the flow of the patientthrough the cycle from the initial point of contact through the care and ending at the point where the payment is collected.Also identify the departments in order of importance to the revenue cycle. II.Departmental Impact on Reimbursementa.Describe the impact of the departments in a healthcare organization that utilize reimbursement data. What type of audit would be necessary todetermine whether the reimbursement impact is reached fully by these departments? How could the impact of these departments on pay-for-performance incentives be measured? b.Assess the activitieswithin each department in a healthcare organization for how they may impact reimbursement. What specific data would you review in the reimbursement area to know whether changes were necessary? c.Identify the responsible departmentfor ensuring compliance with billing and coding policies. How does this affect the department’s impact on reimbursement in a healthcare organization
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