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West London College flusincss & Marlogemeilt Science’sWLCBMSTASKSTask 1.1 Mr Benjamin testified of his blood sugar level being under control, his relationship with the community is civil. He complied with his medication and his spiritual needs are met. How would you analyse the care given to Mr Benjamin in terms of the holistic concept of health, disability, illness and behaviour. (A.0 1.1) Task 1.2 having met Mr Benjamin who has been diagnosed with Mental Illness, assess how people’s perception of mental health and other specific needs have changed over time. (A.0 1.2) Task 1.3 the l:Zosery Community team have been providing care based on a holistic approach Analyse the impact of legislation, social policy, society and culture have hod on the way that these services are made available for individuals like Mr Benjamin with special needs? (A.0 1.3)Task 2 (produce an essay)Mr, Kamanda, a 45 year old Polish woman has just been transferred from the AdtE into a Respite nursing home waiting funding for placement. She experiences communication difficulties. She is partially deaf and is registered blind. She seems to be happy when someone visits that speak Polish. The staff of the nursing home have started facing difficulties of how to engage Mrs Kamonda who cannot speak English fluently.2.1 Analyse the care needs of individuals like Mrs Kamonda as someone with specific needs? (A.0 2.1)2.2 Explain what would be the current systems for supporting individuals like Mrs konanda at the Respite Nursing Home. 2 3 Learner is expected to evaluate the services available in a chosen locality for individuals with specific needs that would benefit service users like Mrs Kamonda (A.0 2.3)


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