LCBB6001 International Business Communications

TASK A UK based company ( NEXT PLC)* is considering to move its own production to another location in a developing country (A developing country of your choice / Libya**/ ). However, the company is concerned about the differences in cultural expectations and differences in cultural sensitivity from a country to another. Therefore, as an international business communications consultant you have been tasked to prepare an inclusive report for the senior management of the company addressing those concerns highlighting the following: – An inclusive introduction to the context of international business and communications. – Brief introduction to the selected developing country (A Developing country of your choice). – Application of theories of international and intercultural communication on the selected context/Country (Hofstede, Samovar, Jandt etc.) – Critical evaluation of cultural sensitivity when doing business in the selected country supported by relevant examples. – Discuss and analyse different communication barriers experienced by foreign businesses in the selected country supported by different examples when relevant. – Provide appropriate communication strategies and other relevant recommendations to enable the company to succeed in the selected developing country. – Conclude your report. Word Count: 2500 words (individual submission) * Next plc is a British multinational clothing, footwear and home products retailer, which has its headquarters in Enderby, England. It has around 700 stores, of which circa 500 are in the United Kingdom, and circa 200 across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Stock price: NXT (LON) 7,856.00 GBX +16.00 (+0.20%) 12 Jul, 16:45 BST – Disclaimer Customer service: 0333 777 8000 Technical support: 0333 777 4510 Headquarters: Leicester CEO: Simon Wolfson (Aug 2001–) Founder: Joseph Hepworth Subsidiaries: Lipsy, Next Beauty, Next Holdings Limited, MORE ** Libya is a country at the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. Libya is thus one of the largest countries in Africa and the 17th biggest in the world. With 3.9 Einwohner pro km² it is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth. The country has 5 islands in the open sea. There are direct national borders with the 6 neighbouring countries Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger, Sudan and Tunisia.
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