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1l — — – . Course: PEARSON] BTEC HND Level 5 Health and Social Care (Management) ! Year; 2019 Stig.lent Name: 1 — —– UNIT 16: Understanding Specific Ned…, inWLCBMSCO: e9^. fitAtt‘Cc5 P■40f1f,(14.-‘1,•:;1 Division of Health & 5ocial Care HealTh and Socisi Care bete Issue :C1.1. of AprilLf….c_t!.rers Name: Mr John 6.b10Completion Dote: 07″” of June 2019_ pass Merii bistinction 2.1 2.2 i 2.3 131 .! 3.21,1 1.2 l .3 43 Mtl “AZ M3 0] D2 11)3LeOrn:r1 O0-carne’s. 1 t…),,”-./CrStrArd pE-1-CEpI;.,r5 ,:if hoolth, distibtlIty, illness and behov.our 2 Or.d.?rf.t.7.i.d)1,:,,,,., Inrr.11/1 c-) i. ser_vi c.z.-c. t:‘ :.-.,:cs c,,1 . ‘7 Err S = – r :4-‘. 1 0 C..” :., P: :: roif h !:pecdf rc needs 3 UndcrSTO.r.,: apr.o-c.,’ochk-..5 cinc; ,rirer, vi.,..r‘?…-, :P. firc,40.9:e,i v In zi ‹,…p.,,:.-1 .r,;.;,v, :’,…,:-t, 1,.1 7.;•..–cif ,c recd.; 4 Ur.:1.-_e-..7tta,,d 39rcre9tie� for C•1pq.19-1,.•ith cilallenqj-,fre, t-,,c.J.-„:, . ..:Lr,cc.octed w..11 f peC I f.e.- peed, ti’ ie :.IrnrncrtS Assessor’s Signature Dote.; Referred L Yes No internal Verification: Yes – _r40I def.:142,C that the *ark I on subni,:ttng for 4sf.essrnent contains no sect ions in copied to whole or part from ariy Othtf- source V(455 it PI explicitiy identified by tneon.., of quoiai ion murk or by means of wholly ir.derted paria9rapk$1. I declofe that I have also cairlowled9eci Such qtfotoltion& by providing detailed references in art approved formot I understord that urudentified and un,referenced copying both constitutes plegiOriStr which is or offence I give my consent far my work being scanned by Varnttin formatively ono iumtrot►wety for the purposes of cIssesirrient.Stocico 5issuitudivDatekoceik•egiDatil;


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