MADS 6647 Crisis Management|Crisis Plan

According to other PPTs that I have attached, I want the expert to think about the crisis plan execution that has happened to IRAN recently about power outages in recent days. So this is the crisis that happened: Iranians are suffering from power outages in recent days. Many Iranian cities are experiencing a large power blackout. Since the beginning of this week, extensive, long, unannounced power outages disrupted people’s lives, factories, hospital treatment, and businesses, and even shut down more than 2,000 telecommunication towers. the worst thing is that power outages have plagued patients diagnosed with Covid-19 with acute pulmonary problems. This is because one of the most basic treatments for these patients is the use of an oxygen machine,” many businesses in this bad economic situation are dependent on electricity, many Covid-19 need oxygen and use electric oxygen generators at home, and many students use computers and mobile phones and need electricity. Some state-run media on Monday acknowledged it is about bitcoin mining by Chinese in of the reasons for this is that some groups are trying to extract bitcoins during the sanctions period. According to official statistics, these devices consume as much electricity as a city, and Iran is in third place in bitcoin mining after the United States and China. I want the expert to read the PPT slides that I have attached and explain what kind of crisis has happened according to this crisis, for example it can be a kind of preventable cluster crisis because they might know about the situation but they didn’t provide any pre-crisis plans. I want the experts to analyze the paper like this based on the thing that mentioned in PPT slides specially in PPT for chapter 7(slide 14th). For example, you can say based on the crisis that happened what we can say about THE TARGET AUDIENCES FOR CRISIS RESPONSE STRATEGIES if it is Victim or non-victim. Or for example in 4 is about chapter crisis preparing. I want the expert to analyze the type of crisis happened and analyze how it can be solved based on the methods has mentioned in ppt slide specially chapters 4, 5 and 7. So what I want the expert do based on what I mentioned is to share her/his thoughts on what he/she thinks should have been done according to his/her perception of thing that he/she has understood from the attached PPTs and to analyze the crisis based on the PPTs. For instance, you can analyze in this way: Iran could have done Justification which is one of the crisis communications plans to decrease and minimize the affects of the crisis on people’s lives. and I assume it is kind of preventable cluster because they might do it on purpose. And they even did not provide any pre-crises plans. and if we assume that they know about the situation we can say that they have to respond quickly to the situation because it affects people’s live specially for patients in the hospital and I learned crisis communication is about is to reduce the damages. So, I want the expert to analyze the case like this based on the PPTs. do not use the exact sample I wrote I just wanted to give the expert some hints about the paper.
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