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AWest London CoIte9e WLCBMS qi6ta ines 4 Management Sciencem. proposal of transferring him to another nursinn home ,– behaViour. Mr Holt was referred to his GP who later came to examine him. After .7 -owe specialising in challenging 0, period of assessment, he w©s diagnosed With on acute chest and urine infection. He was treated with Anti-biotic therapy (phormcicological intervention), Mr Joseph got better and turned to his old ways of doing thing,. To gain a pass grade the following criteria as shown below need to be completed 4.1 Explain the different concepts of challenging behaviour and situations whereby it can be misdiagnosed like in the case of Mr Joseph in the above scenario. (A.0 4.1) 4.2 Describe the potential impact of challenging behaviour to ganis health and social ations like Ivy Nursing Home. 4.3 Analyse strategies for working with challenging behaviours associated with specific needs, for example, in relation to the service user who suddenly changed from being a “model patient” to a patient whose behaviour was seen as `challenging” (A .c 4.3) M2: Select information from a range of sources and discuss this knowledge in relation to how it contributes to own understanding and skills in managing challenging behaviour within health and social care. b2: biscuss how this module has changed your view Challenging behaviour needs cam s on caring for people with pared to how people within your own culture perceive it.M3: Provide references from a variety of sources 03: Demonstrate lateral and creative thinking.


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