MKTG5603 Management of Technology and Innovation: An Essay



In this assignment you are free to choose your own essay topic. You will select a topic of interest around the broader concepts of technology and innovation that we have been learning in the first two weeks of this course. You will produce an essay about it, blending practical knowledge and the theories we discussed so far.

Learning Outcomes

This assessment is relevant to the following learning outcomes:

  • 1: Manage business innovation and technology challenges in business both nationally and internationally.
  • 2: Research and evaluate data to inform and support decision making that contributes to the effective management of technology, change and innovation.
  • 3: Reflect on the knowledge and skill required of managers to make ethical and sustainable business decisions in relation to technology and innovation.
  • 4: Construct and present effective oral and written forms of professional communication.

In addition, upon completion of this assessment, you will acquire strategies to develop ethical  and sustainable solutions for business problems.

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