NURS2096 Medical and Surgical Nursing

John King is 60 years of age and is a male patient who is admitted post diagnosis of multiple myeloma. He presentedwith a spinal fracture of the fifth lumbar vertebrae. The patient is scheduled for a decompression of the spinal fracture. The patient is to remain on bed rest and should be log rolled. Osteolytic lesions are present in xrays of the skull, vertebrae and ribs. The patient has hypercalcaemia. The patient’s uric acid level is elevated. The patient has orders for zoledronic acid, lenalidomide, allopurinol, calcitonin, ibuprofen and oxycodone.Question Set AAnalyse the case and respond to the below two questions in the essay1)Explain thepathophysiology of multiple myeloma and the pharmacodynamicsactions(what the drug does to the body) of the various medications ordered to treat the patient’s symptoms.2)After the decompression of the spinal fracture surgery is completed what acute medical and nursing management shouldbe provided?Support your management ideas with best practice evidence
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