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Comments — • IgkOlt .1’11 Pr ,- ”, WY sl L ret,rm Conr,r •’ ., r 14,,,es. A il1!pd…..1.,…….0 Sc…,.. eWLCUMSHave all i Is Criterion ACs been Yes based met by the 4 feedback given learner? I No to learner?Assessors SignatureFYes NOOverall Assessment becisionbistinction Merit Pass ReferralFailDate dPEARSON BTEC HNb Health and Social Care ManagementUNIT 231 Employability SkillsScenario You currently work as a senior health care support worker at ‘Nightingale Care Home’, a residential care setting for adults who have a variety of different health care requirements, ranging from, dementia, learning disabilities and mental health needs. As part of your personal development you have undertaken a level 5 course in health and social care management at West London College of Business and Management Studies (WLCBMS). You are due to complete the course soon and your line manager at Nightingale Home is considering you for a position of Home Manager, As part of your ongoing personal and professional development, your line manager has asked you to construct a number of employment/application packs and training materials for the recruitment of new employees and to support existing employees in carrying out their work roles effectively and to help foster their professional development.Task 1 Part 1 (1.1 1.2 1.3 and bl)Produce an application pack (you may refer to your own setting, whilst maintaining full confidentiality, with regard to names and contexts) for the role of ‘Home Manager’. Your application pack must include the following-:4


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