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sy 1West London College likik , r suculeis & monageniNit Science!.WLCBMS To gain a merit grade and a Distinction grade the following criteria as shown below must be met:MI: Analyse concepts, theories or principles to formulate own response to deal with challenging behaviour in order to secure a favourable outcome. Analyse the othcr professionals wiihin the multidisciplinary team that you would invite to a case conference organised for a patient like Mrs Kamanda.Task 3.1 with reference to the case study produce an essay: Eqlain the Gp.p_msties and interventions available to support individuals with specific needs such as Mrs Kamanda, who may be suffering from dual diagnoses of being blind and deaf. (A.0 3.1)3.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of intervention strategies for Mrs Kamanda as a service user with specific need(s) (A.0 3.2) 3.3 There has been emerging developments in the UK in supporting individuals like Mrs Kamanda with specific needs. Discuss how these would potentially impact the care given to people with specific needs? (A.0 3.3)Task 4 case scenariosMr Joseph has been a resident of the Ivy Nursing Home for the past five years and has been diagnosed with mild Dementia. He is loved by everyone who visits the home. He used to be the ‘model patient’ of the home and engaged with every activity He used to be chatty and helped out with domestic chores. Suddenly he started to become aggressive towards staff and other service users. Mr Joseph was also observed by staff to have become very lethargic, excluding himself from every form of activity within the home. Most times he will sneak from his own room into another resident’s room, scolding them to leave his room or he would drag them off his bed or will call the police. He will rigorously question the staff and refuses to comply with any form of treatment Some staff in Ivy Nursing Home started wiling him names and labelling him as being “rude, insolent and a violent man” During a case conference to review his care plan, there was the


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