PHE478 Arthritis|Disease Community

Introduce and define the health issue—describe the disease process and discuss how the health issue affects or impacts the priority population and the greater community. Present baseline data on the status of relevant health indicators like the dimensions of individual health (physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual). Describe the impact(s) of the health issue on individuals (priority population) as well as the greater community. If applicable, highlight differences in how exposure to the same health-issue affects different demographic groups of community members in different ways Depending on the scope of the problem, include national, state or local data/information. Community Description Provide the context within which the target health issues/behaviors have occurred. Describe community demographics and history with the health issue Describe the influence of social determinants (age, race or ethnicity, sexuality, education, housing, transportation, food access, etc.). Interview at least 2 key informants—collect and include perspectives of at least 2 members of the priority population or other community stakeholders. This is an example of an in-text citation for key informant input, (J. Brown, personal communication, April 27, 2020). Resources and Services Describe preventive resources and services that are currently offered to the priority population and/or the community. Describe effectiveness of resources and services to address the health issue  Describe whether the proposed program will be complementary, competing, or new to the community or service area.  Describe barriers to accessing resources or services that the program or intervention intends to overcome (e.g. cost, transportation). Recommendations Describe the proposed program or intervention. Explain how it will be effective at addressing factors related to reducing or preventing the health issue. Explain why the proposed program or intervention is the best choice for producing health behavior change and/or improved health outcomes within the priority population. Describe the setting where the program will be implemented and explain what the setting will contribute or how it is expected to influence program or intervention results.
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