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Illf ia,..I V‘CSI London College’ Bu}ine & Monogetroctit Sciences.WLCBMS PEARSON BTEC HNb LEVEL 5 HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE MANEGEMENT UNIT 16: Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social CareCase Study The Posery Community Project, is a community base team in South London that caters for both in-patient and those in the community. Their intervention is based on: clients’ choice, integrated psychological, social inclusion support and healthy livng programs, including attending the gym, woman’s fitness and football. As a student of health and social care studies you hove been asked as part of the placement requirement to give a presentation on the concept of health, illness and waH-being to a team of nurses, psychologists, recovered service users, police officers, religious representatives and a carer’s social support group. Amongst he guests, was a 55 year old gentleman from Jamaica diagnosed with a form of Tri,,yH health illness with (challenging behaviour needs) well known to the local He gave a testimony as io hog.’ i his life has changed as a result of attending 1h, centre. He has previously been diagnosed with ti.E21)1a12e-Les, was non-compliant with taking his medication, had a poor relationship with his GP and a poor eAercise regime coinciding with poor eating habits. “Since I started cMending the centre, he says “my health changed completely. My eating habits have changed. I have developed self-confidence. My blood pressure has stabilised and I now enjoy going io the gym and exercising regularly. My relationship with my GP and the community has improved and my blood sugar levels are now within normal limits. I now sleep adequately without any medication and have befriended people who I now hang out with, so I’m healthy, and I. thank God that my Pastor, who lays hands on me each time I go to church”.


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