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1.11ffMOMS(a) A well designed cover page with title or topic, dote of wrItm9 your name as the author.You are to develop a job description/person specification setting out own roles. responsibilities and performance objectives in relation to your new position as a `Home Manager’.1.2 After working in your new role for one year, you ore required to evaluate your own effectiveness against defined objectives 1.3 Make recommendations for improvement in your current job role To achieve 131, you self-criticize your current employability skills and evaluate how effective these are when compared to the skills needed for your chosen career job.Task 1 Part 2(1.4 and Ml)1.4 During appraisal, your line manager has asked you to review how motivational techniques can be used to improve quality of performance at your work place.To achieve Ml: You need to apply different motivational strategies in order to help improve quality of performance(a) Please remember to use relevant examples or case studies, in-text citations and references/bibliography of all sources consulted.Task 2 (2.1 2,2 2.3 M2 and b2)2.1 You are asked to write a report on how one can develop solutions to work-based problems.2.2 The nature of the healthcare environment that you will be working in requires the use of a variety of styles of communication which are appropriate in a manner and adaptable at different levels. Illustrate with examples how you would adapt $o different communication needs within the health and social care environment,2.3 Identify how you would use effective time-management strategies in order to achieve your work objectivesTo achieve M2 you must justify a selection of time-management strategies in order to meet your objectives within the environment.5


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