ACT301 Accounting Theory Assessment- Nelson Point workshop


Question 1 

What are some of the criticisms of PAT? Do you agree with them? Why or why not?

Question 2

‘Resources giant BHP Billiton has been convicted of breaching mines safety legislation over the death of a worker at a Port Headland site more than four years ago. In a decision yesterday after a trial which included hearings in South Hedland and Perth, Magistrate Peter Malone found BHP had contravened the Mines Safety and Inspection Act by exposing Andrew Terrance McLaughlin to a hazard that resulted in the 52-year old’s death.

Mr. McLaughlin, a father of three, was crushed under a scissor lift at a Nelson Point workshop. Submissions on the penalty are scheduled for March 19.’


Assume you have been appointed by BHP Billiton to formulate a strategy to respond to the comments provided in press report given above. Explain the strategies you would adopt assuming you are a supporter of Legitimacy Theory.  

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