BUS310 Accounting Theory and Accountability

Individual Research-Based Assignment(20%) You are required to perform an analysis of a company’s Corporate Governance report and Sustainability report (Most of the SGXtop listing companies produce Corporate Governance report and Sustainability report). Your selected company must be listed in AustralianStock Exchange (ASX) or Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). The length of assignment would be maximum 2000words(plus minus10%). The format of the assignment is down to your style of 13analytical writing, research efforts; however, the assignmentshould provide an analysis of the following components:1.A brief background of the selected company’s Corporate Governance policy and strategy.2.A brief background of the selected company’s Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy andstrategy. 3.Detail of corporate governance mechanisms undertaken by the company under the categories of Board structure, risk management, audit committee and so on. Any changes of governance practice you observed during this COVID 19 pandemic time? 4.What are the new avenues of Sustainability and CSR initiatives undertaken by the selected company in response to the COVID 19 Pandemic?5.Your recommendations and suggestions to improve governance practices of your selected company to combat COVID 19. 6.Your recommendations and suggestions for the post COVID 19 Pandemic to improve Governance and Sustainability/CSR practices of your selected company.
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