CO5724 Data Analysis and Decision Module

ASSESSMENT TASK 1: DESCRIPTION The aim of this assessment is to report on the analysis and evaluation of organisation’s business data via a SWOT analysis, and recommend enhancements for business success. Instructions You are the business analyst of your business. The management team has requested you to perform a business overview to: Identify, analyse and evaluate the use of business data and level of analytics applies within your business. Conduct a SWOT analysis to summarise the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) in regards to the use of business analytics in your business. Base on your SWOT analysis provide recommendations on how your business can better use of business analytics to provide insights and create value for your business. Write a  report summarising your analysis, findings and recommendations to the management. Submission Upload your report (in word document of pdf) to the assessment task 1 dropbox on your LearnJCU subject site
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