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Topic –  Elaborate the two different AM Technologie     a.       FDM and SLS b.       Compare Stratasys (FDM) and EOS (SLS). Choose a specific machine for comparison.                                                                                                          FORMATION: Introduction Material & MethodComparison of Machines      General Methods     Specific MachinesDiscussionConclusionReferences Title page– Title, Your Name, Teacher’s Name, Course Period, Date, no errors Introduction – The introduction is engaging, states the main topic and previews the structure of the paper. Material & Method – Precise worked out methods of the technologies; materials for each technology introduced and compared for both techniques  Comparison of Machines General Methods Specific Machines- General as well as specific technologies were reviewed , studied and were worked out very precise Discussion/ Conclusion- The discussion/conclusion is engaging and restates the thesis. Creativity – Very high Quality of work, documentation – Proper form and detailed Graphics, visualization – Outstanding, self explaining Structure of the work – Clear logical self explaining structure Challenge – Complex topic with high scientific demands Knowledge gain – Very high Bibliography: Internet exceptions: Periodicals available on-line, For market survey: supplier sites – More than 15 major references (e.g. science journal articles, books, but no more than 5 internet sites.) Citation – All cited works, both text and visual, are done in the corr


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