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Case Study 1itli ‘IL I. kct.L4.1.14 Chitot% Ni1 old man, witinwod To, 12 veorN, who is residin9 the home rte Mtn hr wiri • mow ythirs alto. Ht2 has a very slight bulid t+ Itsays he has no 104 L yi.c1L111t L1111.110. 1-10 oltio states he hzi5 never been much or .1.1/2..00k, you have ticon taw pilysit-iim “as.505s ability to manage ai home’ but f.i..14)..iot 1%001 klivrii any !wok uric Liu cction, Looking his., file up o’n, Meditech„ you thy,. toiioivillo in his titiolui Choit,kLti ollroy dcle 65 lot.ection for benign prostatic hypertrophy at age 70 al to ulna al age 78Modi.,31.Contiotive Heart Failure x 5 years COPt I. imgriosecl 2 years ago GERD 3 wars Oat-No.11th’ itis AncinaFLirosernide 80 rilig OD R.Iberprazote 20 ng OD Naproxyn 275 mg BID INgoxIn 0.25 mg od Nitrodur patch 0.4 my q12 one q12 off Loperamicie 21119 pm MOS syrup S ql-lh prn Vent°lin (Salbutamor) inhaler one purt, BED to QM Atrovent (1pratroplum) inhaler two puffs, TIDMr. M. has had reducedactivity because of his cardiac and respiratoy_decompensation, and as a result is having more problems with ADI:sand IADL’s becauseoTio&s of sttength, He has particular difficulty with small motor tasksbecause of the arthritis in his hands, including putting on and removing his clothing. He often does not remove his clothing at night and resists changing his clothes more than once or ‘Mice a week. Frequently the Home Support Worker (who comes twice a week for a bath assist) finds his underwear and pants wet with urine. The smell in the house is becoming quite unbearable, He voids large amounts and states he knows ‘when he needs to go’fr but often cant make It to the toilet Pn time. When asked about his fluid intake, he states he nas 6-6 Cups of coffee por day and a little juice, Milk upsets his stomach and he often l’as pressure ‘under Ills tbs.’ after eating. He alsoiltrips a iot. It is a challenge to get 114 the information you need from him because he sor6Rmes misinterprets what you (same hearin9 deficit) and ‘goes rambling on with persona! stories. When yOU ask 11110 show you how he mobilizes ti the Wthroomt you notice that he byrnps into theI In, uitir I 41


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