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Your task as a group (no more than 5per group) is to:   Develop a solution based on the business scenario above. Generate realistic cost calculations to help defend your case using spreadsheets Present your proposed solution and strategy to the board of directors (fellow students and teaching staff) for 10-minutes Answer board of directors’ (audience) questions for 5 minutes.  Task 2:  Your task as an individual is to:  Write a self-reflective commentary (approx. 1000 words +-10%) critically reflecting on your group work. Your commentary should explain the preparatory work you have done to produce your presentation. You should reflect on:  1. Your research on Management Information Systems (MIS) and their benefits to this organisation.2. The decisions you made as you worked in your group.3. Where you think you succeeded and where you think you could have room for improvement.4. What you would do differently if you were to attempt to do this project again and what you would do with your project if you could develop it further.Your commentary should show evidence of your reading and research and use Harvard referencing. Your commentary is a chance for you to critically analyse your own work, showing an awareness of strengths as well as identifying potential areas which could be improved if they were to be done again.  Deliverables Group presentation- completed week 11 of the teaching week  ï‚· All group members must participate. ï‚· Must include realistic costing of the proposed solution using spread-sheets. ï‚· Must use suitable presentation software.  Individual critical review word document submitted to turnitin – completed week 12  ï‚· Must be in the recommended report structure as below on page 4. ï‚· Must have all screenshot of presentation slides. ï‚· Must have all data and formula view of the spread-sheet calculation. ï‚· Must use Harvard style referencing.


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