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Write an essay of approximately 1,250 words on the topic, and actively participate in in-class activities. The essay topics include: • According to Hofstede (2007), Asian cultures bear some common features? What are they? How do these features influence management in Asia? If you were hired as a CEO who manages the subsidiary of an Australian company in an Asian country, how would you manage the subsidiary in the Asian cultural context? • Buckley (2011) proposed the concept “global factory”. What does the concept mean? What are the implications of the concept for international business? If you were to establish a firm of your own, how would you leverage the global factory to develop your firm into a successful international business? • According to Mathews (2006), what strategy do firms from emerging Asian economies take to catch up with firms from advanced economies? If you were hired as a CEO of a firm based in an Asian emerging economy, how would you take this strategy to develop your firm into a “dragon multinational”? • According to Santos and Williamson (2015), many multinationals based in advanced economies have failed in competition with local firms in emerging economies. Why did these multinationals fail? If you were hired as a CEO of one of such multinationals, what would you do to address the challenges you face in emerging economies? • According to Porter and Kramer (2011), firms need to create shared value. What does “creating shared value” mean? How does this approach differ from prior approach to corporate social responsibility? How should a company create shared value in an international business context? You need to submit the essay(s) in the Microsoft Word format.


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