HI5030 Business Systems Analysis and Design Assignment- literature review to dis

This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to improve student research and writing skills and to give students experience in researching the literature on a topic relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter, critically analyzing current academic papers then presenting results and findings in a referenced written report.

Students will be able to:

a. analyze and reflect on the alternative methodologies used in developing business information systems

b. critically analyze requirements modelling and different modelling techniques for developing business information systems,

c. communicate the requirements for the business functionality of an information system in terms of data required, data storage and processing to technical and nontechnical stakeholders.

Assignment Description:

You are expected to complete a critique and conduct a literature review to discuss a contemporary issue which an IS professional may experience and identify appropriate approaches to address this issue. The topic is “Agile Business Modelling and Analysis”. You need to search in the literature and find at least ten (10) academic research papers (references) related to this topic. (Academic papers can be found in ProQuest. ProQuest instruction can be found in below. Please contact Liberian if you have further question).
A draft of the research paper (key points/headings) will be submitted in session 8 whereby each group can receive feedback. Then each group should submit the final research paper in the Blackboard by session 13. 

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