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Higher Nationals – Summative Assignment Feedback Form GradeAssessor/IV NameDateGrade Awarded 1st SubmissionReferAnil Batra01.06.2021Grade Awarded by IVAgreed Grade 1st SubmissionGrade Awarded 2nd Submission Suspected Academic MalpracticeComments Student NameIonela Denisa DincaStudent No.HE10561Unit No /Title8 – Innovation and CommercialisationCohortJune 20Term /GroupBlock 4 – G2AAssignment NumberAssessor NameAnil BatraSubmission Date23.05.2021Date Received 1st SubmissionRe-submission DateDate Received 2nd SubmissionAssessor Feedback:LO1 Explain the context for innovation and determine the difference between invention and innovation.Your P1 is attempt is brief. You needed to explain in more detail innovation and determine its importance to organisations in comparison with invention. P1 not met. You have written some points which are not related but did not explain how organisational vision, leadership, culture and teamwork can shape innovation and commercialisation. P2 not met The requirements of LO1 are not met. To achieve M1, you could analyse different sources of innovation, and how organisations can foster and develop an environment and culture of innovationLO2 Explain the different types of innovation.You talked of stakeholder matrix and marketing mix but did not explain the 4Ps of innovation and very briefly explained the use of the innovation funnel to examine and shape innovative ideas. P3 not met. P4 attempt is very brief. You needed to explain in detail the developments in frugal innovation and provide examples of how it is used in an organisational context. P4 not met.The requirements of LO2 are not met.To achieve M2, you could analyse and apply the innovation funnel in an organisational context. You could appraise the role of frugal innovation in an organisational context to achieve M3. LO3 Discuss the process required to commercialise innovation.You did not explain the importance of the commercial funnel and the application of New Product Development (NPD) processing for commercialisation of innovation. P5 not met. You put forward some general points but did not build an Innovation Business Case for an organisation, including ways to access funding. P6 not met.The requirements of LO3 not met.To achieve M4, you could build a detailed Innovation Business Case which includes how to measure its overall effectiveness using appropriate techniques available to test, iterate and improve.LO4 Evaluate the range of methods for protecting ideas and understand their advantages and disadvantages.P7 attempt is brief. You did not evaluate the different tools that organisations can use to develop, retain and protect knowledge and intellectual property. P7 not met.LO4 not metYou could present supported evidence-based evaluation of these different tools in the context of the wider business achieve M5.General Comments: The student has not met the national standard for Pass. You submitted the assignment on time but didn’t meet the requirements of all the assessment criteria. You are suggested to go through the Guidance Notes, Class Slides and recordings before resubmission.You need to resubmit P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6 and P7 Good luck!Grade: REFERAssessor Signature: Anil BatraDate: 01.06.2021Resubmission Feedback:Grade:Assessor Signature:Date:Internal Verifier’s Comments:Signature and Date:


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