MBA501 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation Report

Your Task

You are required to explore the Brickworks Australia (ASX: BKW) and develop a stakeholder engagement plan. You must identify the business level strategy adopted by one of the business units/ products in the context of Porter’s Five Generic Strategy framework. You will analyse the corporate-level strategic initiatives undertaken by Brickworks Australia.

Assessment Description

This assessment focuses on stakeholder engagement (workshop 05), business-level strategies (workshop 07) and corporate-level strategies (workshop 08). After identifying key stakeholders of Brickworks Australia, you need to develop a stakeholder engagement plan covering three stakeholders by incorporating the template discussed in workshop 05. Based on Porter’s five generic strategy framework, you need to identify the business level strategy adopted by one business unit/ product group of Brickworks Australia. 

Assessment Instructions

A. Introduction to Brickworks Australia
Provided a concise introduction to Brickworks Australia. This introduction should include a brief history, scale of the operation (revenue, staff strength, etc.), products/ services, and industry dynamics.

B. Stakeholder engagement plan

Need to identify 7-9 stakeholders of Brickworks Australia and select three stakeholders for engagement planning. Provide a brief introduction to the stakeholders. 

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