MGN540 Coaching For Leadership Development- critical self-reflection of you as a


Brief description of assessment:

This assessment is an account focusing on a critical self-reflection of you as a coach. To successfully complete this assessment you need to regularly reflect on your coaching practice.

This includes not only the actual coaching sessions you undertake, but it can also incorporate reflecting on how you approach the materials delivered in workshops, your independent study and other related workshop related activities.

You may decide to focus on an identified key strength, a recognised area for development, issue or dilemma your coaching related activites have presented for you. The aim of the assessment is to support you to become a reflective practioner by exploring one or two issues that you have observed in your practice.

To be a successful self-reflective practitioner you need to demonstrate double-loop learning: this requires you to reflect often, review your reflections and modify your approach in light of the insights gained.
As a guideline only – you might focus on:
• How you set up coaching sessions for success (planning and preparation)
• Ethical dilemmas you have encountered
• Cultural issues you became aware of
• Skills gaps you identified in yourself that you needed to address (eg: adopting a coaching minset, establising trust and safety, goal setting, maintaining presence, listening, questioning)
• Strengths or potential weakness in your approach
• How you dealt or didn’t deal with something unexpected that happened
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