MGT10 Discussion Osha Safety and Construction

First, watch the video Introduction to OSHA: Workplace Safety and visit the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) website to review the construction industry’s fatal four over the past four years and see how the incidents have changed. After considering all of the accidents and fatalities that have been recorded, discuss what you will do as a construction manager to ensure a safe and healthy construction site. In your initial post, discuss the following: 1.What were the fatal four in the year 2015? 2. Was there any specific fatality that appeared in all the years that you researched? If so, why do you think that specific fatality occurred repeatedly? 3. If a specific fatality re-occurred in multiple years, what would you do on your jobsite to minimize the potential for this accident? 4.Thinking more broadly, what type of safety system would you incorporate on all construction projects that you may supervise in the future? Cite from the video, the OSHA website, and your own research to support your responses. In responding to your peers, compare their responses to our own. What considerations did they identify that you perhaps had not considered? Keep in mind that the details of OSHA, jobsite accidents, and fatalities can generate emotional and personal responses. Please consider this when responding to your peers, and discuss the subject respectfully.
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