MPU2312 Health and Wellness 1

OBJECTIVE: This assignment is to evaluate learners’ analytical and reflective skills in addressing issues related to health and wellness promotion for individuals, families, and communities.  TASK 1:   Synopsis 1(a)  Maintaining ideal body weight is an important factor in the health and wellness of  person Question 1(a)Explain the difference between Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Composition Analysis (BCA) in relation to the management of body weight.  Scenario 1(b) Inappropriate lifestyle choices are a major cause of obesity. Question1(b): Discuss the risk of health problems related to obesity that will affect a person’slifestyle. Question 2: Recall your learning experience related to mangement of body weight as well as obesity through your reading and discussions in the respective tutorial sessions and e-Forums.   Based on the experience, develop a health reflective journal on your views related to the issue of the activities of healthy lifestyles that may contribute to successful body weight management in lifestyle adjustment
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