NSB303 Partnerships in Health and Illness- focus on a chronic condition


Task Description

In this academic essay, you are to select and work with one of 4 case scenarios that focus on a chronic condition. Using contemporary, quality evidence-based literature, you will be asked to critically discuss the value of a collaborative partnership approach to nursing care and explain how motivational and behavioural change strategies will assist the person to achieve self-management of their health.

Choose a Chronic Disease/condition from the case studies below (asthma, type 1diabetes mellites chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease)

• Critically discuss the value of using a collaborative partnership model of care when working with the person and their family in your chosen scenario.

• Discuss the developmental stages of the person, and critically discuss which determinants of health will need to be considered prior to encouraging a change in behaviour.

• Explain how the process of motivational interviewing would empower the person (in the scenario) to move towards self-management of their chronic condition.

Learning outcomes

1. Analyse the nurse’s role in promoting health and wellbeing for individuals, families and communities who have chronic conditions and /or complex care needs

2. Critically analyse individual, community, environmental and social factors that influence health beliefs and practices and strategies for promoting positive health behaviours

3. Evaluate and apply evidence-based models of health behaviour change,health education, self-management support, and partnerships in health care as relevant to the promotion of health and wellness and rehabilitation of individuals and communities.

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