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KPupil QuestionnaireI Yes/Always elip Mostly Sometimes No/Never Are you happy in the classroom? NZ Do you learn new things? .N.7 3 Do you think you have improved? 4 Do you get choice when you have finished work? 5 Do you think you have 9ot better at playing? N.7 6 7 Do you think you have got better at making friends? %,c.sca-c-. bo you think your behaviour has improved? . *1- co,N cd■ ‘ ick,‘. %1/4 1.14 llWhat are your favourite lessons? $ cs,0,A91%,0 AficSWhat do you think you have improved most? Leoi-ml,A5What activities do you like doing in class? 3 LQ61444’3 Ovals% ‘4, 4.„ ; 104. eicx,11 (pekeIs there something you found really hard but now find much easier? Lea.cvNi . r e ci_ck j.e.#4.4 a e4464-5,What other activities would you like to have in class? 0 ok” ct°°r” e‘cuj c4drWhat would you like to do more of at school? 10.e kt-e_ k.e. 641. g (-et, . kiakko-r •


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