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Hi FashanuYou are going to impiernent a simulator_ {And understand a bit of theory behind it). This is a Software Engineering Project mainly_ {Or I would say 70% SW Eng. And 30% Advanced methods).Yes in fact the spanning star is the easiest structure to achieve.NOTE : I am not sure you understand the issue. Were , each protocol CONSTRUCTS a stable network structure.(When the population stabilizes and edges do not switch anymore then you get the ‘final’ network).Dear FashanuIt would be desirable for the simulator to be able to simulate a general network constructing protocol. Otherwise it is not a good simulator. For a running example you may use a spanning star , yes. BUT he simulator should still be able to simulate any constructor protocol Best PaulSo would the user select the type of network structure?No. The user selects a protocol (or even submits a protocol !} that claims to create a stable network. Then the simulator runs and executes the protocol and gives a stable net as answer to the user if any_simulator for stable network construction) to me by email. Basically I want to know an example of how i can start the project e_g what real life system to base it on such as airport, railway system or something else to represent the pairwise meeting mechanism, thank you again.I do not believe that you need a real system for the pairwise meetings. The simulator can create pairwise meetings of entities at random from a givens et of entities. So you can start the simulator based on this.


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