5163LAW Succession Law|Definition

• Need to use the Succession Act 1981 (Qld) Only Queensland legislations. Focus on Succession Act 1981 (Qld) • If any other legislation using please its needs to be under commonwealth legislation. • Only Australian case use in the assignment. I have attached the notes , there are heaps of cases mentioned with a description. • There are act and legislation you might needed for the assignment. Civil Partnerships Act 2011, Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth), Acts Interpretation Act 1954 , Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) View – Queensland Legislation – Queensland Government Do not use any case outside of the notes. Stick with Australian cases. NO INDIAN, NO AMERICAN CASES and also no reference from other countries. Everything needs to be under Australian Please Only Australian • Use AGLC 4 for footnotes • No Bibliography Only Queensland (Australia) commonwealth legislation or act/ the Succession Act 1981 (Qld) i am writing a feedback from a previous assignment which I failed done by one of your expert. i am happy to attach the exam paper and answer sheet as well.- feedback is – Q1 Part A This question was about the disposition of assets. The sections that needed to be discussed were ss 59(1), (2), 33B, 33G, 65, 55, 61, 33N and 60. Other relevant issues that needed to be addressed were the joint tenancy and the fact that the husbanded and wife were divorced, so the cash gift to the husband would fail. The class three beneficiaries received 50% of their gifts. Part B: Here all the debt was paid out of class 1 and class2. Q2: Intestacy. Relevant sections were s 5AA re spouses. The specific subsections, paragraphs and sub paragraphs needed to be set out. There was only one spouse. Many thought Trish was a spouse as she was receiving maintenance, but if you read s 5AA carefully, that is only relevant for Family Provision claims. Not intestacy. Section 32DA of the AIA was relevant as well. Other important sections were s 36A(6) and (7) as well as the Schedule (2). Section 37(1) and (2) was relevant for part B. Q3 was the family provision question. Again the relevant sections that needed to be covered were those regarding the definition of a spouse. The key to this question was to be specific with the sections and to identify the relevant issue and case law re disentitling conduct. Section 66 of the Act was relevant re the tortious actions.
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