ADMN 2167 Business Decision Making

Word.doc for commentary, Excel spreadsheet with formulas. No PDF files. No exceptions. Your case analysis must include a Word document (double spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins) for any commentary, and if you choose to use an Excel file for any financial calculations, it must include the formulas. o Please note that your response to each question should be clearly identified. o Presentation, organization, grammar/spelling will be considered. 1) What are Leah Graham’s personal goals for TLO? What are the company’s professional goals? (5 marks) 2) Evaluate TLO’s external environment. What are the industry key success factors (KSF’s)? What implications can be drawn that will affect Graham’s decision? (20 marks) 3) Perform an internal analysis on TLO. What is its competitive advantage? (15 marks) 4) Analyze each strategic alternative qualitatively and quantitatively. In so doing, it is your choice to perform whatever financial analysis that you deem necessary. (50 marks) 5) As Graham, what are your recommendations? Back up your recommendation(s) with support from the previous analysis. (10 marks)
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