ALY6120 Leadership in Analytics

Business Problem The broader signature assessment assignment calls for the development of an analytics program as a change agent in a new business venture. In this assignment, you will be introduced to the first phase of that assessment and the associated analytics program which requires you to establish a clear understanding of the business problem. You are required to provide an overview of the program objectives and requirements from a business perspective. You will then connect this knowledge to a high-level data mining problem definition. The problem: Many organizations benefit from strategic partnerships, take for example Red Bull and GoPro (Links to an external site.).   However, finding these partnerships are difficult for organizations to find. Therefore, you are going to develop a ‘new business venture’ that produces a solution to this complex issue for the leadership of all organizations. In this business venture, you will be a business matching consultant company that strategically matches organizations. As an example firm please review PowerLinx (Links to an external site.) and their business firm to help gain an understanding of the type of venture you will be developing.  To complete this assignment please:  provide a one-paragraph overview of the problem businesses face. This will be a statement of what problem will your organization be looking to solve for your client(s); list three objectives, from a business perspective that an analytics-based solution would address; list three requirements, from a leadership perspective that will lead to a successful analytics-based solution(Links to an external site.); provide a one-paragraph summary connecting the business problem to a possible data mining solution 
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