BIS2002 Systems Analysis:Online System of Gold-Cinema System


Case Study:

Gold-Cinema System (GCS) The Gold- Cinema is a ticket office that would like to develop an online system for keeping track of customers, productions, performances, and seats. The Gold- Cinema intends to keep track of their customers to notify their customers about upcoming events and identify loyal customers.

For this purpose, customers require to create an account before booking any ticket for the first time. The Information records on the online system consist of first and last name, residential address, city, zip code, mobile number, and email address. After entering all the information, a unique identification number is created for each customer (customer’s ID) membership. If the customers face any issues with creating an account or booking a ticket, the advisor needs to support them.
In this case, the online system needs to record the assigned advisor for each customer by using the customer’s ID each time. Further, the new online system keeps the information of the name and type of the program, such as movie, play, or concert. Also, the number of tickets sold for each program and the date of performance is precisely recorded. The cinema management wishes to operate an entirely testable procedure to the whole online system to discover any bug and major issues before the final launch of the system. The duration of the project is two months. The company considers different methods to estimate the investments in this project.


Recognize internal and external stakeholders for the new system.
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