BSBLDR806 Lead and Influence Ethical Practice- ethical environment for business


You are going to be assessed for: 
Your skills and knowledge using written and observation activities that apply to the workplace.
Your ability to apply your learning.
Your ability to recognise common principles and actively use these on the job.
1.Identify and discuss three (3) national and/or international trends in the development of ethical organisations
2.Briefly discuss how frameworks for ethical decision making/problem solving relate to policy setting for an organisation
3.Explain how organisational ethics, values and standards create an ethical environment for business operations
4.Why do organisations have codes of ethics and/or codes of conduct?
5.Explain procedural fairness
6.Give examples of three (3) procedures, strategies or protocols that can be used to identify and address unethical conduct
7.Outline the legislative and regulatory context in Australia as it relates to ethical work practices
All of your assessment and training is provided as a positive learning tool. Your assessor will guide your learning and provide feedback on your responses to the assessment materials until you have been deemed competent in this unit.

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