BUS 210 Human Resource Management

BUS 210 T8 Read Application Case Study 16-1 on pages 523 through 525. HUMAN Resource Management Textbook-. Ivancevich, J., & Konopaske, R. (2012) Human Resource Management (12th ed.) New York, NY: Write a minimum 2 page paper answering three discussion questions found on page 525. (Questions taken from p. 525 of the text, question 1, 2 and 4.) 1. How do internal controls such as separation of duties, redundancy, and centralized processes discourage employees from committing fraudulent acts? 2. Why are some small businesses more susceptible to employee fraud and theft? Explain. 4. How important is it for an organization to have a code of ethics that defines fraudulent behavior and what happens to those individuals who commit such acts? Remember: All writing must be supported by academic literature and will be in APA format during this course. You must cite each and every sentence in which you used materials from your academic literature. Your work will be checked for academic integrity by the Turnitin system. For a great breakdown of academic literature, businessdictionary.com, eHow, smallbusiness.chron.com, term paper websites, etc. From time-to-time, the professor my point out other sources that are not reliable academic sources.
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