CAM407A Integrative Complementary Medicine 2

The context of this assessment is to explore a complex medical condition taking an evidence-based medicine approach to treatment recommendations. The student must complete a literature review, evaluate the evidence from an integrative medicine perspective and recommend appropriate complementary medicine interventions. To complete this task students will need to critically evaluate evidence and demonstrate critical thinking skills. Instructions:Students will critically evaluate the condition of HYPERTENSION. To complete the task students will need to critically appraise the literature and based on this propose appropriate therapetutic interventions. Students will need to investigate two-(2) complementary medicine (CM) treatments relevant to their modality (either herbal or nutritional or both).The literature r eview, must be compiled fro m a search of the most rece nt (5 -10 years) publ ished literature abo ut your topic; however, if there are limited studies you may go beyond this range. It is expected that a minimum of 20 primary sources will be used in this literature review (see below). This is for the entire review not for the critical analysis section. A good rule of thumb is to have 5-7 articles to appraise for each therapeutic.Select a ppropriate journal articles for i nclusion in t he literature review, s ort these into the rele vant heading s and sub-heading s, br iefly summar ise each p iece of res earch a nd c ommentbriefly on its q uality, inc lud ing t he method of conducting t he research and the relevance o f the findi ngs (where possible, to A ustral ia n patients).
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