CASE STUDY C – UNDERSTANDING CHILDREN BEHAVIOUR Meet Jake. Jake is now 5 years old. He just started going to Sparkling Stars Childcare Centre and has been assigned to your care. You had a talk with his mother, Emilia, to learn more about Jake. You found out that Emilia had just separated with her husband after several years in an abusive relationship. She had serious concerns for Jake’s safety and how it was impacting him, and decided it was best for them to move out. Now Emilia is taking care of Jake on her own as she works full-time as an admin assistant for an accounting firm. She often has to work until late and has arranged for the school bus to send Jake to the childcare centre after his school until she can pick him up on her way home from work. Scenario 1: Despite what he has gone through, Jake is a happy and playful kid. He likes being around other kids and has no problems meeting new people. However, during his first week at the centre, it was observed that Jake has violent tendencies when having disagreements with the other kids in the centre. He was caught hitting another kid and using bad language while fighting over some Lego blocks. You have had a talk to Jake about his behavior and how it is not right to use violence and bad words, however, he started to panic in fear of being punished for his bad behaviour. His heartbeat started to race and he started to breathe heavily and sweat profusely. He stopped responding to your questions until he calmed down a few minutes after the incident. 1.1 This behaviour raised your concern and made you decide to discuss it with your supervisor. Simulate a dialogue with your supervisor by creating a video recording of yourself discussing your concerns about Jake. You may do it as a monologue or you may invite a friend to play the part of your supervisor. Keep your recording less than 5 minutes long. Guidance: To ensure successful completion of the relevant requirements for this task, include the following information in your discussion: • Identify areas of concern • Recognise any possible developmental challenges or mental health issues of Jake that may have potential impacts on his behaviour • Identify possible contributing environmental factors • Share your recommendation in determining when to involve other staff for supported intervention


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