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Student Version Section A – Program/Course detailsQualification code:22334VICQualification title:Certificate IV in Cyber SecurityUnit code:VU21990Unit title:Recognise the need for cyber security in an organisationDepartment name:CRN number:Enter CRN number Section B – Assessment task detailsAssessment number:2 of 2Semester/Year:1 & 2, 2021Due date:Duration of assessment:2 weeksAssessment methodAssessment task results☒Ungraded result☐Other: Click here to enter text. Section C – Instructions to studentsTask instructions:You are required to work in groups of two to four (2 to 4). Once groups have been decided, you are to give your instructor the names of your group members, however you will be assessed individually.Each member of the group will submit a COMPLETED copy of the assessment. Section D – Conditions for assessmentConditions: Student to complete and attach Assessment Submission Cover Sheet to the completed Assessment Task.Add conditions of assessment here.Include general instructions that are appropriate for the task, such as:– This is a group assessment. You must have a minimum of two(2) in your group, max four (4).– Discuss with your assessor if you feel you require special consideration or adjustment for this task.– You must meet all criteria listed in the marking guide to be satisfactory in this task.– You may resubmit this task if not successful within the enrolment period as per Holmesglen conductingassessment procedure.– The learner may use the internet for research.– You are expected to dedicate time to developing this assessment task both in and out of the classroom.– This Assessment task must be uploaded to Brightspace along with a complete and signed coversheet.– You can use any resources required for completion.Equipment/resources students must supply:Equipment/resources to be provided by the RTO:Laptop Computer or Desktop computer or TabletWriting MaterialsActive EmailExternal HDD storage / Flash Drive to save a backup copy of your workAccess to BrightspaceInternet AccessDesktop ComputerInternet AccessNetacad AccountAccess to BrightspaceWeb browsersWord processor Section E – Marking Sheet – Student Answer SheetUnit code:VU21990Unit title:Recognise the need for cyber security in an organisation Part 1: Observation task Skills to be observed during this task to the required standard1. Date:2. Date:3. Date:CommentSatisfactorySatisfactorySatisfactoryYesNoYesNoYesNo1.Learner has able to identify and demonstrate security vulnerabilities and malware☐☐☐☐☐☐2.Learner demonstrated and described at least two (2) techniques used by attackers to infiltrate a system☐☐☐☐☐☐3.Learner implement a method used by an attacker to infiltrate a network system☐☐☐☐☐☐4.Learner implemented at least two (2) methods to protect at least two (2) personal devices, data and privacy from cyber security threats☐☐☐☐☐☐5.Learner identified and demonstrated at least two (2) authentication methods.☐☐☐☐☐☐6.Learner has defined and implemented at least two (2) logical and physical access control.☐☐☐☐☐☐7.Learners were observed by assessor working in teams as per the assessment task requirements☐☐☐☐☐☐ Part 2: Portfolio of evidence Questions to be answered by the studentQ1.Identify at least two (2) cyber security enterprise infrastructure attacks that have occurred in the past 2 years. These could be sourced from news websites. Please take a screenshot with date and author also include the URL.Satisfactory responseYes ☐No ☐Answer:Comment:Q2.Please list the team members who you worked with. How did you work in a team environment?Satisfactory responseYes ☐No ☐Answer:Comment:Q3.Provide screenshots of implementing personal security. For example installing an AntivirusSatisfactory responseYes ☐No ☐Answer:Comment:Q4.Provide a screenshot of implementing personal device security such as a Password Manager.Satisfactory responseYes ☐No ☐Answer:Comment:Q5.Provide a screenshot of how you have identified and demonstrated security vulnerabilities and malware.Satisfactory responseYes ☐No ☐Answer:Comment:Q6.Provide a screenshot of a phishing email that could be used by an attacker to infiltrate a network system.Satisfactory responseYes ☐No ☐Answer:Comment:7.Provide at least two (2) screenshots of how you have methods to protect at least two (2) personal devices, data and privacy from cyber security threats.Satisfactory responseYes ☐No ☐Answer:Comment:8.Provide at least two (2) screenshots of how you have implemented at least two (2) authentication methods.Satisfactory responseYes ☐No ☐Answer:Comment: Assessment Submission Cover Sheet (VET)By submitting this assessment task and signing the below, I acknowledge and agree that: This completed assessment task is my own work. I understand the serious nature of plagiarism and I am aware of the penalties that exist for breaching this. I have kept a copy of this assessment task. The assessor may provide a copy of this assessment task to another member of the Institute for validation and/or benchmarking purposes.Student ID:Student name:Submission or observation date:Student signature For electronic submissions: By typing your name in the student signature field, you are accepting the above declaration. Section F – Feedback to StudentHas the student successfully completed this assessment task?YesNo☐☐Additional assessor comments (as appropriate):Resubmission allowed:Yes ☐No ☐Resubmission due date:Assessor name:Assessor signature:Date assessed: Supporting document Title:Unit code:Unit title:


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