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APPENDIX B Innovation Outline. Name___________________________________Course_____________ Fill in before block 2 and submit to your allocated tutor. TUTOR_______________________________________________________ (Official use) 1) What is the name of your innovation? (strongly suggest you fill this in specifically) 2) Now describe the problem area and why its solution is connected with projects (why does it need an innovation or improvement?) a) Problem b) Solution and why connected with construction projects? 3) What is the theoretical area(s) of interest connected with your innovation? (so you can give some evidence and weight to your rationale. Give at least three example references here) 4) Why is it of benefit to a particular organisation type or sector of the built environment or construction industry? (Eg what is the gap?) 5) Identify who this is useful for (a single organisation maybe a start, but needs to have more general applicability to be accepted) 6) What steps and project tools would you use to make sure you can implement this innovation? (steps means a series of actions you need to take to overcome the constraints and resistance to change. You do not necessarily have to be able to make this innovation immediately possible, but should estimate the timescale) I. II. III. IV. etc This last section does not need filling for approval, but it will help you to start thinking about implementation of your innovation.


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