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Mainly it will cover market entry Firstly we SHOULD MENTİON a Firstly we should mention ABSOLUTE THEORY Foreign direct investment Mostly the psychological part while going abroad if we should have a partner or not This will be a main paragraph and other paragraph should cover NETWORK THEORY not afraid to enter a foreign market not to have a partner To cover the article we should mention ford and his arrogant behaviour If ford should produce and sell there We should mention overconfidence As in this case absolute theory isn t the best was explain fords behaviour In another paragraph we should discuss and do absolute theory versus network theory and explain fords actions in India according to the article In the second part of the paper we should mention international business strategies Talk about currency And if ford should to export-imports or FDI and give each points advantages and disadvantages Another topic should be green field or brown field and explain it on ford And give each point’s advantage and disadvantages Do ford do FDI with a partner or not? Advantages and disadvantages And lastly we should explain ford in India so basically Global south countries As global south countries are growing technologically and in some other aspects So if India is global south countries try what should ford do Maybe ford should hire Indian people Basically teacher gave these points as bullet points so in order to pass we should talk about these


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