HRMN2820 Human Resource Management

Develop a job description for the gas station attendant. Note the job specifications, or qualifications as they are commonly called, make up part of the job description. Using the job analysis gathered in Part A, include a job summary and listing of skills and abilities required, as well as the specifications or technical requirements needed to do the work. Be sure to assess the competencies or qualities that are required. This may include any both physical abilities and soft skills that are required to do the job. 
Part C: Labour Market Assessment (40 marks) Write a two-page report, approximately 500 words, conducting a labour market assessment for the position you described in Part B. This analysis must use the best practices method from the course material. Make sure you follow the process outlined in your textbook. This includes: 
• Assessing the demand for labour, including a review of the economic conditions, legal issues, social concerns, technological issues, or demographic trends 
• Assessing the supply for labour, including the availability of others to do the work, replacement strategies, or workforce factors 
• Determine whether there is an equilibrium, surplus, or deficit and explain why you believe this to be the case 
• Based on your assessment, make a recommendation to the owner of the gas station about how the employer should address their labour composition. 
Completion Guidelines Submit your assignment through this submission tool. Be sure to save your assignment as a Word document, and name it according to the following format: 

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