MEDS2003 Medicine and Health- a media release based on your topic


For this task, you will write a media release based on your topic that you have chosen (and already written an overview on for MEDS2001). For those of you only completing MEDS2003 who have not yet chosen a topic, please contact Melissa ([email protected]) for further
information. When considering your topic and what you would like to write your media release on, you have a couple of choices in what you may like to showcase:

1. Choose a recent article relating to your topic that you would like to highlight to the public.

2. Choose a technique/new design/advancement that applies to your topic to showcase to the public.

3. Write a general overview of your topic for the public.

Your task:

You will compose a media release that includes the following:

1. Title
Remember Marcus’s words of wisdom – “The lede is king”

2. Body of text 
This will provide the body of your media release for the audience. Assume that you are writing this for the general public and their knowledge is limited.

3. A supporting image/visual that attracts the reader 

You can create this yourself or use a separate image. Just remember to reference the source.

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