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NBS-7041X Change Management Project: Individual assignment This assignment will include: (1) critical analysis of the case study scenario using a range of organisational change diagnostic tools, (2) secondary research using published material, (3) presentation of findings, and (4) synthesis of a recommended and implementable change intervention. Case: Chang, V (2001) ‘Agilent Technologies: Organizational Change (A)’, Stanford Graduate School of Business, September 2001. Task: “Make recommendations for the development of the case study organisation Agilent Technologies. (1) Identify what might change, (2) define goals in measurable terms, and (3) construct a change intervention which defines how the desired change might be implemented”. PLEASE IGNORE THE QUESTIONS ON THE FINAL PAGE OF THE CASE STUDY – DO NOT RESPOND SEPARATELY TO THESE. Guidelines: Please present your coursework in PowerPoint format, using separate slides for each item in the ‘required content’ list (below). The task is to present your change management intervention concisely and persuasively. You will need to reference data from the case study, and from relevant published academic material. Please be creative with design and format; the material is likely to contain suitable diagrams, illustrations and designs. The word count will be between 1000 and 2000 words. Make sure the content is readable. Submission: Individuals will submit their work (1) by uploading on to Blackboard, in PowerPoint format by 21 July 2021. Before this date, you can receive formative feedback by presenting work in-progress in PowerPoint format on July 5th. Please upload this also to Blackboard. Required content: 1. Title page: include student number 2. Diagnosis: data gathering and analysis. Use of tools such as SWOT, McKinsey 7S, 5-Whys and Porter 5 Forces. 3. Identify the problem: present the main problem and sub-problems, with reasoned decision-making. 4. Set direction: persuasive conclusions and decisions regarding the solution; overarching vision statement; define what success will look like, create clear objectives to be achieved, with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and targets. 5. Evaluate strategic options for achieving the objectives: create options with ‘What? – How?’; evaluate options and their feasibility 6. Implementation plan: define actions; allocate resources – time, people, and money; define measurement and evaluation 7. Reference list Assessment Criteria: Individual Change Management Project assignment Structure and content (25%) Reasoned analysis to identify main and sub-problems. Clear objectives (problem identification), with indication of success measures (milestones, outputs, returns). Persuasive conclusions and recommendations (solutions and actions), with evaluation of options. Implementation plan, with actions and timescale. Research and data collection (25%) Use of diagnostic tools to identify findings from the case study data, the academic research, professional literature and other suitable sources regarding Agilent Technologies’ business environment. Presentation of data; links to context and trends. Understanding of the issues (20%) Clear explanation of the findings. Critical analysis and application of theory (20%)Presentation of the work (10%) Design, clarity, and conciseness. Quality of material: headings, not too busy, attention pointers.


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