NRS171 Hlth Challenges 1 Acute Care

Case Study 

Mrs Grace Simpson is a 70-year-old woman admitted to hospital following a fall in her home. Six hours later her son found her in pain on the kitchen floor. She was conscious. 

At the hospital Mrs Simpson was diagnosed with a left fractured neck of femur (left hip joint fracture). She suffered bruising to her head. She was severely dehydrated with symptoms of hypovolemia. Mrs Simpson has a pain score of 8/10 and a Glasgow coma score of 14 (E4, V4, M6). She is experiencing some confusion as she is unable to recall the current year. 

Mrs Simpson has a past medical history of ischemic heart disease. She had an acute myocardial infarction 2 years ago. Her current medications include Frusemide, Metoprolol, Aspirin, and Potassium supplements. 


Taking into consideration the information in the above case study, please analyse the following assessment items.

  1. Describe the type, aetiology and relevant physiology of Mrs Simpson’s pain (approx. 400 words).
  2. Explain the pathophysiology of how diuretic medication such as frusemide can lead to hypovolemia, hyponatremia, and hypokalaemia (approx. 1000 words).
  3. Identify and describe one (1) preventative nursing care strategy and one (1) collaborative (inter-professional) care strategy that may assist to prevent Mrs Simpson from having another fall at home (approx. 400  words).

Your assignment submission must adhere to academic writing conventions. Your discussions must be supported by several credible sources of information including textbooks and peer reviewed journal articles. All sources must be correctly referenced in-text and in the reference list in accordance with APA 7th Edition referencing style

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